Since we don’t have alligator skin and a heart of stone, people will hurt us especially those closest to us. We also make mistakes in life and hurt others. Yvonne uses personal anecdotes and the timeless truths of God to help women trade shame and guilt for God’s grace to forgive themselves, to overcome anger and bitterness and with God’s power forgive others, to break free from the prison of the past, and gain the peace and freedom of forgiveness. With forgiveness comes living life to the fullest. This is book three in the series, Moving from Broken to Beautiful®.

One of my very favorite films is a documentary called “Forgiving Doctor Mengele”. This film follows Eva Korr, a holocaust survivor through her journey to forgive the evil Dr. Mengele, the Angel of Death, from Auschwitz. As children, Eva and her twin sister underwent horrific experiments against their will which led to severe emotional trauma and permanent eye damage. Ms. Korr in an effort to heal from her terrible experience actively seeks to forgive those who wronged her.
I thought of this story a lot as i read this book.

The book is full of affirmations, writing prompts and pages to write in responses. I felt very free and encouraged to dog ear and write in this book and really make it my own.

I really love that on page 13 Ortega quotes Beth Moore who is imploring people who are in abusive or dangerous situations to please get help.

In reading chapter 6, which is about grievances, I recalled a news story that happened in my home town a few years ago. A man robbed some nuns, nuns chased him, the cops got the guy, he was arrested. The sisters then stated that they said a prayer for him.

No single book or act can completely heal a person, but I believe that this book can help those that are in pain and help lead them from broken to beautiful.